What Is the Windows Phone Operating System?

A new and able battling arises from ages of tests and improvements to angle beeline in foreground of the acclaimed Android OS.

This operating arrangement that has all the affairs to absorb the smartphone bazaar is fabricated by the Microsoft Company.

Before anecdotic what is possibly the best carriageable OS of the moment humans should apperceive its history and the acquaintance of Microsoft in this domain.

Microsoft has been aggravating to acquisition the absolute operating arrangement for adaptable accessories from 1995 if they accept conceived a new operating arrangement based on the Windows CE OS that would accept been acclimated on the aboriginal anytime advised “Pad” device. The 1995 pad was never appear to accessible admitting due to the top costs of the touch-screen systems.

The aboriginal adaptable OS was the Pocket PC 2000 and it was acclimated on some touch-screen PDAs (Personal Abstracts Assistant). It was based on the Windows 98 and ME desktop operating systems. The best abstraction that the aggregation had for this adaptable OS was absolution third-parties advance applications accordant with the devices. Having this adequacy meant that for any claim in the applications area was answered bound by the developers and every user had admission to all the applications they anytime needed.

The basic amplitude area the users could accept begin these applications was the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

These accessories usually came with a baby apparatus called stylus because the touch-screen technology that they accept acclimated was resistive, acceptation that the ascribe was fabricated by putting burden on the awning and it lacked precission. With time this botheration was aswell apparent like abounding others because the capacitive touch-screen technology has replaced the old one. This one was added absolute and it artlessly appropriate a blow on the screen, applying no burden at all.

The OS had aswell bound afflicted because Microsoft was consistently aggravating to advance its casework just like any admiring aggregation should do.

The next one was the Pocket PC 2002 that brought forth with its bogeyman the appellation “smart phone”. The affiliation amid the OS and the smartphone history is the actuality that this OS was the advised to plan on QVGA 240×320 affectation with GSM networking.

This adaptation was advised to attending like a adaptable adaptation of the windows XP and it aswell had applications like MSN Reside Messenger and Windows Media Player 8 that accurate the media alive services.

The Office accoutrement aswell had improvements and they were accordant with added non-Windows devices.

After a few added average versions of the Windows Adaptable the Windows Phone has appeared accessible to revolutionise aggregate that the users knew about the carriageable OS of a smartphone device.

The aboriginal Windows Phone OS that appeared was the Windows Phone OS 7.

The anatomy or interface of this new OS is something absolutely revolutionizing because it manages to action the on-the-phone abstracts accumulated with live, alive icons that upgrades consistently from the internet. This agency that all the advice that a user could charge can be provided easier and faster than ever, faster than any added OS known, even the Android.

The accomplished abstraction of this OS was to abridge every ambit and abate the time to accomplish every task.

The new interface is so simple to use and analytic that any class of users can use it with no complications at all. The Microsoft Aggregation has conceived it in such a address that this OS will become the best advice you could anytime get from a smartphone and they absolutely managed to ability their goal.

The alone OS that could defeat this Windows Phone 7 would be the bigger Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 versions.

A accessible applicant for artlessly can’t accomplish a bigger best than a Windows Phone OS accessory as their new allowance smartphone.

A Brief History of the Windows Operating System

Windows is the a lot of broadly acclimated operating arrangement in the apple and is acclimated internationally for both claimed use and aswell business use. Since the aboriginal anytime adaptation was created way aback in to the 1980′s, Microsoft has appear a absolute of 9 huge updates to its Windows operating arrangement which we are traveling to yield a attending at in this commodity today.

The above affair that has afflicted amid the ancient versions of Windows and the latest versions of Windows is the artful architecture of the software. In 2012, we no best accept to address command prompts to get being done and now added than anytime Windows is aswell acceptable added and added blow awning friendly.

Windows 1.0: 1982 – 1985

Windows 1.0 was initially started during 1982 and heavily developed aloft by Microsoft software engineers up until 1985. Windows 1.0 was initially appear and appear to the apple in 1983 about due to abrupt affairs the operating arrangement alone fabricated it to bazaar in 1985.

Windows 2.0: 1987 – 1992

Windows 2.0 was the almsman to the fan growing Windows 1.0 operating system. Appear to the apple in 1987, Windows 2.0 was congenital to run on added able machines than 1.0. Due to the ascent acceptance and the calibration of Windows, Microsoft became the world’s amount 1 software aggregation based aloft sales.


In August 1995 Microsoft unleashed Windows 95 on the world. The software, which awash a massive 7 actor copies aural its aboriginal 5 weeks of trade. Windows 95 was the aboriginal software absolution from Microsoft to cover a assignment bar and alpha menu, appearance of which are credible in the latest Windows versions today.

XP, appear 2001

When Microsoft appear Windows XP on October 25th 2001 it took the abode of Windows 2000 and brought a accomplished new fresher attending to the claimed computer and was the aboriginal adaptation to absorb Windows Media Player. In after years, XP would become Microsoft’s best affairs software to date.

Vista, 2006

Vista was as ample a footfall advanced in artful architecture from XP as XP was from Windows 2000. Unlike above-mentioned versions, Windows Vista featured a badly avant-garde architecture such as cellophane assignment confined and aswell bigger aloft Windows XP’s security. Unlike XP about Vista would after become Microsoft’s better anytime software flop.

7, 2009

7 is the actual latest adaptation of Microsoft’s operating arrangement on the market. Taking all of the architecture cues from Vista about bringing forth a abundant added abiding platform, Windows 7 is the individual fastest affairs operating arrangement in history and is arguably the best operating arrangement in the apple appropriate now.


Windows 8 is Microsoft’s next bearing operating arrangement accepted for appear aural 1 – 2 years. It brings with it abundant changes to Windows 7 including the ‘metro’ interface, advised accurately for blow awning devices. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s acknowledgment to the ascent acceptance of the blow awning device.

What Is an Operating System and What Does It Do?

What is a computer operating arrangement and area can I acquisition a account of them?

The catechism “What is an operating system?” is one I get asked generally and I accept even been told in the accomplished while aggravating to array out a customer’s botheration that their operating arrangement is Google if in actuality that is the browser they are application not the operating system. (Google does accept an accessible antecedent operating arrangement alleged Chrome OS I should state) That seems to be the botheration humans but computers and no one anytime tells them the basics of what they are using. Once paid for you are affectionate of abandoned and larboard to bulwark for yourself.

So lets bright it and go through the capital operating systems and absolutely what they are and do.

What operating systems are there??

There are abounding altered operating systems out there but the ones you will be accustomed with by name will apparently be:

Microsoft Windows 95

Microsoft windows XP

Microsoft windows ME

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft windows 8 (due for absolution after this year possibly October)

Mac OS 8

Mac OS 9

Mac OS X




Open Suse

Free BSD




The account goes on but a lot of of the acclaimed ones are there.

Ok but artlessly what is an operating system?

It is a circuitous set of programs that are advised to administer and ascendancy your computer accouterments assets and software. This agency they can accommodate casework to programs you run on your computer.

OK so maybe that was not that simple. Think of it as the average man amid your concrete accouterments in your computer and the bold or software you wish to run.

You accessible your bold or your affairs and this could be the babble amid your game/program, windows and the hardware.

Program: Hey windows I wish to run can you array me out some resources.

Windows: Sure what do you need?

Program: I could do with a bit of memory, a bit of processing ability and some abode to abundance my ambience if that’s ok?

Windows: Let me accept a babble with accouterments and see what we can do. Affairs Pete: Cheers

*Windows goes to allocution to Hardware*

Windows: Hey accouterments hows it traveling down there? Affairs Pete is at it afresh “get me this get me that” do you accept some chargeless resources?

Hardware: He never leaves me abandoned does he. Acquaint him he can use 100% of the processor if he needs it as cipher abroad is application it at the minute but if anti-virus Annie comes in he will accept to allotment it with her. Acquaint him he can accept bisected the anamnesis too and as abundant accumulator as he wants aural reason.

Windows: Cheers accouterments I will let him apperceive and admeasure it to him

*Windows goes aback to Affairs Pete*

Windows: Right Pete actuality is what I can do for but is anyone abroad comes forth you are traveling to accept to allotment the resources.

*Uri USB is acquainted in and anti-virus Annie wakes up*

URI and Annie together: Can we amuse accept some resources!!

Program Pete: *sigh* now its traveling to yield me a nano additional best to do my assignment because I accept to allotment with those two

And so the babble continues….

It may complete asinine but if you wish to accomplish it absolutely basal this is appealing abundant what is accident although accepted how it happens is actual complex. Without the operating arrangement the programs you use would not be able to run as they would not be able to allocution to the accouterments which is why you will acquisition appealing abundant every desktop computer, laptop, adaptable phone, iPad acute buzz has an operating system.

Are there any chargeless operating systems out there?

There are abounding chargeless ones out there and over the years they accept got added and added accordant with software we use on a approved basis. For archetype the new Raspberry pi comes with a Linux which is chargeless and allows you to do all the basics such as go on the internet actualize documents.

Below is a account of some of the chargeless Linux ones out there


Open Solaris


Free BSD

Chrome OS


There are abounding added out there this is just a sample of the a lot of popular. You will acquisition arguments all over the internet on operating systems that amount vs chargeless operating systems so I wont go into it actuality but I will say if you are traveling to move to chargeless software be abiding to do your research. The a lot of important affair to bethink is Linux is not windows and is actual altered so be accessible for a acquirements curve.

Ok so these all go on my computer so what are adaptable operating systems?

Mobile operating systems are abundant the aforementioned as an operating arrangement for your desktop or laptop but they are advised for tablets, PDA`s or adaptable phones. These tend to amalgamate a amount of appearance such as touch-screen, Bluetooth, GPRS, video cameras, cameras and abounding added features. The a lot of accepted adaptable operating systems are:

Android – Accessible antecedent from Google

Blackberry iOS

Apple bankrupt antecedent acclimated on iPhones, iPads.

Symbian – Acclimated by Nokia

Windows buzz – Bankrupt antecedent software from Microsoft.

How do I acquisition out what operating arrangement I am using

If application a acute buzz or iPad you should be able to actuate what you are active from the aloft list. On a Mac you are a lot of acceptable to be application OS X snow leopard.

To acquisition out what you are active on a windows based apparatus acquisition the my computer Icon on your desktop (if it is not on your desktop columnist your alpha card button/windows button and you should acquisition My computer or computer on the appropriate duke side). Use your appropriate abrasion button to bang on it and baddest properties. The awning that comes up will acquaint you the operating arrangement you are running.

Operating System Options and Installation Methods

An OS is installed on the computers’ harder disk, central an breadth alleged harder deejay partition. There are several means for installing a new operating system. The accession adjustment is based on the arrangement accouterments and end-user requirements. Generally, you accept four basal options for the accession of a new operating system:

Clean Installation

We can accomplish a apple-pie accession on a new computer or in those cases area there is no advancement aisle amid the accepted operating arrangement and the new one. This blazon of accession deletes all abstracts on the harder disks allotment area the accepted operating arrangement is installed. A new PC requires, of advance a apple-pie installation. You can aswell do a apple-pie install if the accepted operating arrangement accession has besmirched files or does not plan properly.

Upgrade Installation

Sometimes, it is aswell accessible to accomplish an upgrade. If you accomplish an upgrade, OS agreement settings, installed programs and abstracts are preserved. With this accession you accept annihilation to anguish about, because you will not lose any claimed data. You will just alter the old operating arrangement files with the new, upgraded files. However, accumulate in apperception that afterwards the advancement the applications and drivers that are adverse with the new OS will not plan as expected.

Multi-boot Installation

Another advantage is to install assorted operating systems on a individual computer. You can install anniversary OS central a altered deejay allotment and this way every OS will accept its own files and agreement settings. On multi-boot installations, the users see a card if they accessible their computers and they accept to baddest the adapted OS. Of course, alone one operating arrangement can run at a time.


This is about new address that is generally acclimated on servers. With virtualization we can run abundant copies of an operating arrangement on a individual set of accouterments and actualize this way several basic machines. Every individual basic apparatus works like a abstracted computer. This technology makes a individual concrete accouterments ability to arise like assorted analytic resources.

Before starting any operating arrangement accession you accept to accomplish abiding that all the accouterments is certified to plan with the new operating system. Aswell affirm that the accouterments assets accommodated the minimum accession requirements. Moreover, if you accomplish an advancement it is a actual acceptable convenance to accomplish a virus browse afore starting the accession and a complete abounding advancement of all your claimed data.

One adjustment that helps you assure your abstracts is this: Actualize assorted partitions on the harder deejay and install a altered OS on anniversary partition. Then archetype all your abstracts central an abandoned allotment that does not accommodate an OS. This way you can advancement the operating arrangement afterwards the accident of accident any data. Advancement and accretion of abstracts files is aswell easier with this design.

It is aswell important to adjudge the blazon of book arrangement to use. The book arrangement controls how the OS food and advance the files. There are several altered book systems available. The a lot of acclaimed are: FAT 32, NTFS, HPFS, ext2 and ext3. Every operating arrangement is advised to use one or added of these book systems. There are advantages and disadvantages on every book system. Careful application should be fabricated to the blazon of book systems accurate by the called OS and the allowances of each.

You can acquisition several programs to adapt the administration anatomy and book arrangement of a harder drive afterwards installation, but it is bigger to abstain them if possible. If modifying either the book arrangement or allotment anatomy on a harder drive, abstracts accident may result. Careful planning can advice bottle the candor of the data.